Creating a
Thriving Culture
of Sustainability

The University of Pittsburgh defines “sustainability” as balancing equity, environment, & economics so current and future generations can thrive. Keeping this in focus, Pitt has active sustainability efforts and initiatives across disciplines, domains, and scales — including pursuing carbon neutrality by 2037.

Join us and follow along as we continually challenge the status quo to create sustainable solutions, actions, strategies, and opportunities for students, faculty, staff, our campuses, Western Pennsylvania, and the world.  Every person and decision matters; we welcome your help and encourage you to get involved!

Did you know Pitt’s
Sustainability Plan has
strategies in 15 areas?

Take Action

Hydration Stations

Pitt has water bottle refilling stations throughout campus for easy access to a refill and to encourage reusable beverage containers.


Bring your own bag instead of paying a 25¢ bag fee and help the environment. This program has prevented over 770,000 single-use plastic bags from being used on campus—a 95% reduction!

Compost on Campus

You can compost on Pitt’s campus at a number of locations. Learn more about what you can compost and where!

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