2019-2020 Annual Seed Grant Program Recipients

Pitt faculty awarded 2019-2020 MCSI Seed Grants Recipients

Pitt’s Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation annually awards research seed grants to engage researchers passionate about and engaged in sustainability. SEED grants support graduate student and post-doctoral fellows on one-year research projects.¬† The 2019-2020 MCSI Research Grants were awarded to:

  • Towards Using Microbes for Sustainable Construction Materials: ¬†Feasibility Study
    Sarah Haig, Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Steven Sachs, Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Max Stephens, Civil & Environmental Engineering
    **Jointly funded by MCSI and IRISE
  • Chemical Recycling of Polyethylene to Ethylene
    Eric Beckman, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
    Ioannis Bourmpakis, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
    Robert Enick, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
    Goetz Veser, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
  • Investigating Flexible Piezoelectric Materials with Lower Water Pressures
    Katherine Hornbostel, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
    Max Stephens, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Amplifying the Efficiency of Tungsten Disulfide Thermoelectric Devices
    Feng Xiong, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients!¬† Learn more about past MCSI research seed grant recipients.