Socially Responsible Investment Committee Report – April 2019

Read the University of Pittsburgh’s Socially Responsible Investment Committee’s 2019 Report to the Chancellor

In January 2018, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher created the University of Pittsburgh’s Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Committee, tasking them with reviewing and assessing the:

  • Approaches that other universities and nonprofits have taken in determining whether or not they will pursue socially responsible investing strategies;
  • Relative merits and trade-offs of different approaches, including commercial SRI funds; and
  • Factors to consider when developing an effective socially responsible investment strategy.

The Pitt SRI committee submitted its report to the Chancellor in April 2019.  It was released by the CFO’s office in July 2019, along with a statement by Chancellor Gallagher including thanks to the SRI Committee “Thank you for investing your time and energy in this initiative and for aiding in our exploration of SRI strategies that may be suitable for further consideration.”

The formation of the SRI Committee achieved 1 of the 61 goals of the Pitt Sustainability Plan: “Form a committee or task force to consider socially responsible investing, to be composed of faculty, staff, student and administration representatives.”  A subsequent goal will be developed pending full University review of the report.


Read Chancellor Gallagher’s full statement.

Find SRI Report on CFO’s website