2020 Pitt Green Resident & Green Floor Results

We’re celebrating 335 Pitt Green Residents and 1 Green Floor in 2020!

The 2020 Pitt Green Resident program ran from September 1 to November 13. Designed to enhance sustainable practices of students living on Pitt’s campus, the Pitt Green Resident program engages students interested in creating a thriving culture of sustainability on campus in a self-assessment about how sustainable their daily routines are. Students scoring 50% or higher earn a Pitt Green Resident designation. If half of the residents on a residence hall floor achieve the Green Resident status, then the entire floor is designated a Green Floor.







In 2020, a total of 579 students participated in the Pitt Green Resident program, with 335 achieving Green Resident status (i.e., 58% of participating students were able to become verified Green Residents!).

Sutherland East, Floor 6 was our only 2020 Pitt Green Floor.  Congrats to all!

10.55% of all students living on-campus took the survey with the average participant score being 50.2%.  The highest participation rates were from the following floors:

  • Sutherland West, Floor 3 (34 of 38 students)
  • Nordenberg, Floor 9 (35 or 42 students)
  • Sutherland East, Floor 6 (30 of 41 students)