2021 Pitt Green Resident & Green Floor Results

We’re celebrating 559 Pitt Green Residents and 2 Green Floors in 2021!

For Fall 2021, we’re celebrating 559 Pitt Green Residents and 2 Green Floors!  The Pitt Green Resident program is a self-assessment of one’s sustainable campus lifestyle.  In Fall 2021, a total of 1,253 participants earned points by selecting the sustainable actions they are active in relating to energy, water, waste, transportation, food, and sustainability culture.  By scoring a 50% or higher, students earn a Pitt Green Resident designation.  Similarly, a Green Floor earns its certification with a minimum floor score of 50%.

For 2021, we’re excited to congratulate Sutherland West Floor 7 (RA Ryan) and Sutherland West Floor 9 (RA Madison) for achieving Pitt Green Floor certification!  The program will continue into Spring 2022 so that residents and floors may build off their scores.  All Green Floors will be recognized with a spot on their building’s Green Floor plaque!

Did you know that the proportion of residents who say they compost doubled between 2020 and 2021?  Join our growing Pitt Green movement by  taking the resident self-assessment today!