6 Pitt Dining Locations Now Live Well Allegheny Restaurants

The University of Pittsburgh has achieved distinction for 6 dining locations as Live Well Allegheny Restaurants, an initiative to make Allegheny County a healthier place.

Six Pitt eateries have all been recognized as Live Well Allegheny Restaurants: The Eatery, the Perch at Sutherland, Schenley Cafe, and the Cathedral of Learning, plus Pitt Subs and Shake Smart at Petersen Events Center. This designation provided by the Allegheny County Health Department is part of Live Well Allegheny, an initiative to improve the health and wellness of county residents and to make Allegheny County the healthiest county in the nation. They provide local resources for healthy living, including recognizing Live Well Restaurants.

The 3 University of Pittsburgh dining facilities joins over 50 other Allegheny County restaurants with the Live Well Allegheny Restaurant designation. To be considered a Live Well Restaurant, restaurants must commit to eliminating trans-fat oils, being smoke-free, not selling tobacco products, and at least 4 other action steps in formal action. Pitt’s 6 Live Well Restaurants’ additional commitments are:

  • Provide calorie counts and other nutritional information to customers; offering and promote low-calorie options across menu categories (main dish, appetizer, etc.);
  • Offer half portions;
  • Offer vegetarian and vegan fare;
  • Provide healthy side dishes in lieu of higher fat, sugar, and salt options;
  • Offer brown rice and other whole grains as an alternative;
  • Use plant-based oils for cooking and baking;
  • Offer low-fat milk as an alternative to cream for hot beverages;  and
  • Provide locations to store bicycles at or near the restaurant.

Want to know more about how Pitt is working on building food systems that support a healthy body and planet? Check out the Pitt Sustainability Plan’s Food Systems goals!

Note: This post was originally posted on January 21, 2021, acknowledging 3 locations — and updated to reflect 3 new certifications in February 2021.

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