First Peoples Past & Present: Native Health and Voting Power

Pittsburgh is known as a city with a rich colonial past, but the Native American perspective is often lost in the retelling of this history. This event series will focus on elucidating the Native American past and present…

Place-Based Conference: The Role of Universities in Sustainable, Just & Inclusive Cities

  As one of the signature events for the Year of Engagement at Pitt, Newcastle University and the University of Pittsburgh are hosting a two-day virtual conference on the role universities play in building sustainable, just, and inclusive…

Third Annual Three Rivers Urban Soils Symposium

Virtually join the Three River Urban Soils Symposium to discuss urban soils and their relation to urban agriculture, stormwater management, and community health. This online program will feature expert presentations, project highlights, and an interactive group discussion. To learn…

Ethical, Anti-Racist and Decolonial Approaches to Engaged Scholarship

Examine the unique ethical challenges found within engaged scholarship, including colonizing approaches to working in and with communities, and discuss equitable and anti-racist approaches for collaboration. This event is part of a year-long program called the Engaged Scholarship…

The Environmental Justice Symposium

“How do we build a more just and sustainable world?” GBBN Architects will be convening grassroots leaders, city sustainability officials, and mission-driven developers from Cincinnati, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Pittsburgh – including Mayors Bill Peduto of Pittsburgh and John…

MCSI Summer 2021 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Open for Application!

The Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation is looking for Pitt undergraduate students to do research in sustainability for Summer 2021! If you are interested in going beyond classroom curriculum, developing your own ideas, and working independently on research all while getting paid…this program is for you!

SOOS First Thursday – April

Join the Pitt Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS) for its First Thursday meeting in April! Details coming soon!

SOOS First Thursday – March

Join the Pitt Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS) for its First Thursday meeting in March! Details coming soon!

SOOS First Thursday – February

Join the Pitt Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS) for its First Thursday meeting in February! Details coming soon!

Campus Zero Waste Week

Check back for Campus Zero Waste Week activities soon!