AASHE Virtual Conference 2020

Attend AASHE’s Global Sustainability Conference for FREE!

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is hosting a a virtual conference this fall from October 20-22, the Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education (GCSHE).   The University of Pittsburgh is excited to be a GCSHE Host Institution, providing you access to 3 full days of live content and networking, plus 30 days of on-demand access (through November 22).

This year’s GCSHE theme is “Mobilizing for a Just Transition”, which will focus on the monumental transformation that must be made from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy through a social justice lens.  The conference will encourage higher education sustainability leaders to ensure no one gets left behind in this transition by using the Just Transition Principles.

The session schedule has yet to-be-released, but promised opportunities to learn about the entire spectrum of sustainability: equity, environment, economics, education, energy, engagement, ecology, and other plenty of other topics not starting with “e.”

Even if you are not able to attend every keynote and session you’re interested in, registered individuals will be able to access recorded sessions until November 22, 2020.

As a Host Institution, we have unlimited registration passes for our campus, as well as unique opportunities to be recognized for our commitment to sustainability!

  1.   Click HERE to register.
  2.  Fill out all the relevant fields.  Use your @Pitt email address only!  The Discount Code is linked to your institution’s email domain so other email addresses will not work with the Discount Code.
  3.   On the Submit Payment page, enter the following Discount Code: PITTEDU080620
  4.  This will drop your total to $0.00 and you can complete your registration.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at sustainability@pitt.edu

We hope you will be able to join us as we join other universities in exploring, advancing, and re-envisioning sustainability in higher education!