Mascaro Center
for Sustainable

Established in 2003, MCSI has been the university-wide sustainability center focused on catalyzing sustainability research and education. MCSI leads Pitt’s faculty sustainability engagement via strategy and programs focused on integrating sustainability into the curriculum, groundbreaking research, community outreach, and innovation. MCSI’s various student opportunities focus on exploring and experiencing sustainability in practice and performance.

Course Attributes & Certificate

MCSI is leading University efforts to infuse sustainability into undergraduate education and coordinate academic collaborations across campus.

MCSI Annual Report

The MCSI Annual Report details the yearly contributions and impact the Center has had throughout the Pitt community.

Engagement Opportunities

Green Speakeasy

The Green Speakeasy events were created to allow opportunity for faculty and graduate students from throughout the university to meet and learn about each other’s research areas with the goal of encouraging future collaboration and interdisciplinary work.


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First Year Sustainability Presentations