New Dashboards for Building Energy & Water Use Intensity (2014 – 2019)

Unveiling 2 new interactive Pitt Sustainability dashboards focused on University building energy and water usage from 2014 through 2019.

We are proud to unveil 2 new interactive Sustainability Dashboards focused on building energy and water usage intensity!  Developed over a 2-year period, the interactive dashboards allow you to view results at both building and Pittsburgh campus scales, while simultaneously selecting variable time frames through which to review data and results.

Produced in partnership with Pitt Facilities Management and IT, the 2 building-centric dashboards showcase campus-wide and individual building energy and water performance from 2014 through 2019.

Contextual baselines and goals are also provided campus-wide and for each building, reflecting Pitt’s commitment to goals of 50% reductions in energy use intensity (consumption per square foot) by 2030 (below 2003 national baselines for energy and a more recent regional baseline for water).  These two goals were codified again in the 2018 Pitt Sustainability Plan.

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First launched in January 2020, the interactive Pitt Sustainability Dashboard works to strengthen transparency, advance analytic capabilities, and quantify the University’s impact as a sustainability leader.

All Pitt Sustainability Dashboards focus on key Pitt Sustainability Plan performance indicators in Stewardship and Food Systems, including greenhouse gas emissions, compostable collection, food recovery, and Real Food Challenge achievements.

Special thanks to Jonathan Coles (SSOE ’20), who has developed all Pitt Sustainability Dashboards to-date, but started developing these 2 specifically in Summer 2019 as a Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation‘s Summer Undergraduate Research Program.  That project was advised by Dr. Aurora Sharrard (Sustainability), Dr. Melissa Bilec (MCSI and Civil & Environmental Engineering), and Dr. Michael Blackhurst (UCSUR).  Jonathan has continued to develop the dashboards with Pitt’s Office of Sustainability since 2019.