Equity, Diversity
& Inclusion

The University of Pittsburgh defines sustainability as the balance between equity, economics, and the environment so current and future generations can thrive. Equity is a key pillar of sustainability and is crucial to building a just future where all can thrive. With the systemic racism that has occurred over the history of our country, as well as recent incidents of social injustice, our commitment to equity is more important now than ever.

Diversity Statement

In our mission to incorporate the Pitt Sustainability Plan into the foundation of the university, we are fully committed to creating a culture where sustainability and equity, diversity, and inclusion thrive hand-in-hand. Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and low-income communities, suffer most from the effects of environmental contamination than other communities.

For example, 3 out of 5 Black Americans live in communities with uncontrolled toxic waste sites.These groups have also long been subject to racism and exclusion within the environmental studies field. We have, and will continue, to combat these issues of the past and present to achieve a more sustainable, equitable future in the Pitt community and beyond.

Learn how Pitt is changing internal practices, structures and attitudes in pursuit of a truly more equitable and just university.

  • More Pitt LGBTQIA+ resources including study abroad and Greek life information for people in the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Disability Access, including accommodations for people with disabilities and academic and community resources.
  • Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance – The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX is here to assist in responding to and addressing reports of harassment and discrimination. The office oversees policies and processes to respond to bias incidents. Includes, but not limited to, information on how to make a report on discrimination or harassment and campus resources like counseling services.
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Diversity Forum

The annual Diversity Forum provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from experts and help build an inclusive, equitable, and just society. This year’s theme is “Rewiring Our Systems: Transforming the Intersections of Inequity.”