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At Pitt we strategically strive for convenient multi-modal access to and through our campus. We first prioritize active modes of transport such as biking and walking to promote the health and safety of our community and the environment. Simultaneously, we’re investing in low-carbon transportation infrastructure by offering free public transportation access, free 30-minute POGOH bike share rides, carpooling options, and more to students and employees. We’re also adding electric vehicles (EV) and EV chargers across campus.

Fare-Free Public Transportation

All Pitt students and employees can ride Pittsburgh Regional Transit fare free with your Pitt ID (Panther card)! Just hop on a bus and tap!

Pittsburgh Regional Transit provides service throughout Allegheny County, including Oakland and Pittsburgh. Use Transit App, check PRT’s online schedules, and/or get a printed schedule at Pitt’s Parking & Transportation office.


Walking is a great way to help reduce green house emission created by our daily commutes to and from campus. This active mode of transportation is beneficial for your physical and mental health, while also helping to build a community designed around people instead of vehicles.

Check out the walking resources at Pitt.

Panther Walking Route

Boost your well-being and physical activity while learning more about the Pittsburgh campus.


From bike rentals to rack locators, the University of Pittsburgh is committed to making bike riding a convenient and accessible transportation choice. Find more information below for all of the ways Pitt supports bikes on campus.

Beyond University grounds, Pittsburgh offers great resources for safe and easy biking around the city. Check out these links for basic information about biking in Pittsburgh.

Pitt Campus Bike Amenities Map
Biking Videos

Whether you’re on the road or a trail, safety is tantamount on a bike. Stay informed on bike safety and laws with these short video clips.

EV Charging

The University of Pittsburgh was an early electric vehicle (EV) charging leader, adding 16 EV chargers in 2012.  More recently, the University dramatically expanded its EV charging capacity for commuters and fleet vehicles, reaching 80 total EV plugs in FY22.

Pitt community members can access these EV chargers with a Pitt EV parking permit – and vehicles charged on-campus benefit from the University’s renewable electricity production and procurement.

Where are EV charging stations?

Can you get an EV parking permit?

Pitt’s Vehicle Fleet

The University has over 235 vehicles that support the Pittsburgh campus, which are transitioning to more efficient, hybrids, and electric vehicles. Eighteen of our 20 shuttles transitioned to propane in 2020 (reducing greenhouse gas emissions from them by 33% and localized nitrogen oxide emissions by 20%).

Pitt is working to fully electrify its vehicle fleet over time (including shuttles) while raising awareness among the Pitt community about the global shift to low carbon vehicles.

Pitt Shuttles Switch to Propane, Reducing Carbon Emissions

Pitt’s propane-powered shuttles help us reach towards carbon reduction goals and improve local air quality.

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Pitt Fleet Expands Efficient, Hybrid, & Electric Options via Enterprise Partnership

Expanded partnership puts Pitt on a path to more future electric and hybrid vehicles.

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University of Pittsbugh Sustainability electric cargo bike

First Pitt Electric Cargo Trike

Debuted in 2021, Pitt’s smallest pedal-powered fleet vehicle is an electric cargo trike, which demonstrates low-emission and low-cost alternatives to motor vehicles. 

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More Commuting Options

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