Andrew Moran

Andy Moran is the Senior Manager of Grounds at the University of Pittsburgh. Andy has been a stalwart proponent of a “greener,” more sustainable, campus ever since he arrived on campus. Using his own initiative, he sought out, and achieved, the Phipps Sustainable Landcare Accreditation to improve sustainability knowledge on campus. To make sure what he learned takes root and grows, Andy has begun to institutionalize that knowledge. First, he began incorporating those Sustainable Landcare principles into Pitt’s first-ever Sustainable Landscape Design Guideline. As result, the campus has incorporated more native plants, has switched to using more organic mulches and fertilizers, and has switched to using more low-impact snow melt. Second, he has taught students, staff, and the grounds crew about sustainable landscaping.

Andy is a “make it happen” employee and strong advocate in helping others. He assisted the Student Office of Sustainability, with the design and implementation of the Posvar and Falk School pollinator gardens in support of the Green Fund and Biological Sciences pollination research. When the University wanted to commemorate the release of Pitt’s new Sustainability Plan, Andy procured a White Oak tree despite short notice and despite it being already winter. He helped students implement the 2016 Sustainable Solutions winning solution – the Marlie Garden. In summary, Andy has improved the wellbeing of our campus community, the beauty of our campus, biodiversity, and the wildlife habitat on campus through his concerned leadership.

Andrew Moran is a 2018 Pitt Sustainability Award Winner (Staff).