Anna Greenberg

Anna Greenberg, an environmental studies student, is a cofounder of the University of Thriftsburgh. Opened in March 2015, the student-run thrift shop sells used clothing and accessories to the campus community. It has been wildly successful, attracting enough business to repay a seed grant from Pitt’s Green Fund just six months after it opened.

The idea for Thriftsburgh began as a group project in a sustainability class taught by R. Ward Allebach, an instructor in the Department of Geology and Environmental Science.

“We did research on the textile industry and saw how environmentally detrimental it could be,” says cofounder Anna Greenberg, a Pitt senior. “On top of pollution, there are civil rights and labor issues with the way some clothes are made overseas. So we started to think of a thrift shop as a way to divert money from what could be a problematic system.”

Anna Greenberg is a 2016 Pitt Sustainability Award winner (student)