Chris Driscoll

Chris Driscoll is the director of Information Technology Services at Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration.

Chris is a perfect example of someone who goes above and beyond his job description to incorporate sustainability into his work. When submitting an event form at Katz, users are prompted to indicate whether or not their events are green certified. They are also prompted to learn more by heading to the Student Affairs page on green event certification. This is because Chris took it upon himself to make this compulsory information. In addition to this, Chris applied printing quotas to Pitt Business students, who had previously been given unlimited prints, and supported the installation of digital monitors in Mervis Hall to cut back on printing signage. Chris also had the server room relocated from Mervis to the University Network Operations Center, which resulted in major energy savings for power and HVAC in Mervis.

On top of that, the computer labs now use zero-client virtual machines, which also reduce power consumption. These are just some examples of Chris taking University initiatives and bringing them over to Pitt Business in a way that embeds them into our operations. In many cases, sustainability is tacked on as an optional initiative or only advertised to those who already have an interest. In these cases, Chris took an important step towards making sustainability the norm.

Chris has also been proactive in asking how to keep elevating sustainability. Information Technology Services was one of three offices to apply for Green Office certification in 2019, but Chris does not settle for the bare minimum. He has also reached out to the Center for Sustainable Business to ask how to make sustainability a core part of an upcoming event that goes beyond green event certification alone. It is staff members like Chris who show that no matter what your position, you can be intentional about your choices and help bring about more sustainable outcomes for all.

Chris is 2020 Pitt Sustainability Award Winner (Staff Group) for his work with the Pitt Business Staff Leadership Collaboration.