Dr. Danielle Andrews-Brown

Dr. Danielle Andrews-Brown has been a forceful advocate for a more sustainable University of Pittsburgh. Her extraordinary leadership has made the university and the community more sustainable ranging from the Environmental Studies program to the Pittsburgh region. She has maintained the success of Environmental Studies program during a period when options for students interested in sustainability have grown dramatically in the Sustainability Certificate and the Environmental Science programs. She chaired the MCSI subcommittee that created and established a set of “sustainability” attributes for use in the University’s curriculum management system, all in less than a year. This committee also established a first-year academic community “Humans, Cities and Nature” that was implemented in fall 2019. The committee work continues, and Dr. Andrews-Brown is leading exploration of mechanisms to establish a sustainability distribution requirement and how to integrate sustainability materials into emerging degree “distinctions.”

At broader scales, Dr. Andrews-Brown has engaged the community to talk about sustainability. She was one of the leading organizers of the Three Rivers Urban Soil Symposium last fall, a conference focusing on the sustainable use and management of urban soils organized in conjunction with the Phipps Conservatory and the Allegheny County Conservation District. Dr. Andrews-Brown’s achievements in a very short time are remarkable.

Dr. Andrews-Brown is a 2020 Pitt Sustainability Award Winner (Faculty).