Gina Gowins

At Pitt through 2018, Gina Gowins of Pitt’s Parking and Transportation had a strong passion for sustainable transportation as the University’s Alternative Commuting Coordinator. Gina’s enthusiasm and commitment to helping people find ways to commute in a more sustainable way helped to deepen the partnership between the University of Pittsburgh and the CommuteInfo Program. She was instrumental in working with Human Resources staff to foster even greater engagement and education of options. Because of her, now every new hire employee is given the opportunity to request a commute options report during orientation. Gina also organized several awareness campaigns as part of CommuteInfo Month, including meet-and-greets with poolers and intercept interviews with students, faculty, and staff about how they get to campus. Through the storytelling campaign, photo testimonials were collected to help encourage other members of the campus community to give commuting options a try.

Gina made every effort to make your travel to campus sustainable. Some of the options include carpooling, vanpooling, transit rides, Port Authority, campus shuttles, and biking. Gina created initiatives such as bike lanes, fairs, Bike to Work Day, and the first Pitt Biking Committee, which has evolved into the Active Mobility Committee. Gina developed relationships with Pitt Police, the City of Pittsburgh, PennDOT, and UPMC. Gina did her best to make things sustainable at Pitt — and went out of her way to keep it attainable.

Jeffrey Yeaman, Senior Manager of Parking, Transportation, and Services sais, “All the things one can do to keep a sustainable environment, Gina Gowins goes above and beyond to satisfy the requirement. She has the drive to keep sustainable projects at Pitt ALIVE.”

Gina Gowins is a 2018 Pitt Sustainability Award Winner (Staff)