Greg Guzewicz

Greg Guzewicz is the Facilities Manager of Mervis Hall. In his position, it is often at Greg’s discretion whether or not to choose the most sustainable option. For instance, Mervis Hall’s classrooms and main lobby were recently renovated with newly upholstered seating made from 100% recycled fibers. Greg was responsible for the purchasing in this project and, despite there being hundreds of fabrics to choose from, he went above and beyond to select the most sustainable materials.

Greg also worked with Dining Services to bring more sustainable practices to the Bottom Line Bistro, the café on the ground floor of Mervis Hall. This includes compostable packaging, fair trade coffee, and the BYOmug program. He recognizes the value of intentionally choosing a more environmentally friendly option and should be applauded for consistently making decisions that positively impact sustainability at Katz.

However, Greg’s largest contribution has undoubtedly been his support for composting in Mervis Hall. When the Center for Sustainable Business began working to improve sustainability at Pitt Business, Greg attended every brainstorming session and community education event available, learning about how he can be more intentional in his role to help make sustainability a central part of our operations at Pitt. Composting was brought to the table as an alternative solution for the restrooms in Mervis because hand dryers were not a viable option due to noise pollution. Greg immediately supported this initiative and played a vital role in preparing our loading dock for the new waste stream changes. Mervis is also lined up to receive LED lights as part of the University-wide initiative. While Greg may not be a sustainability expert, he has shown time and time again the importance of being open-minded and ready to embrace a sustainable future.

Greg is a 2020 Pitt Sustainability Award Winner (Staff Group) for his work in the Pitt Business Staff Leadership Collaboration.