Karri Rogers

Karri Rogers is the Assistant Dean of Operations at Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration. Karri has played an important role in emphasizing that the highest levels of Pitt Business leadership are invested in making our community a more sustainable place within which to live and work.

With Karri’s support, the Center for Sustainable Business has been able to attend staff meetings and discuss sustainability with department heads. Karri also encouraged the center to work with Facilities Management and Business and Auxiliary Services to identify ways in which they can transform their practices as a business school community. The momentum behind the Center for Sustainable Business and various upgrades to Mervis Hall were made possible in large part due to Karri’s support at the top and her willingness to eliminate barriers.

Multiple sustainability champions at Pitt Business, such as Greg Guzewicz and Chris Driscoll, report directly to Karri. Therefore, initiatives such as composting, digital signage, printing quotas, green office designations, and more can be attributed in part to Karri’s support. The Dean’s office itself was one of four offices to apply for green office designation in 2019, stressing the importance of leading by example. While sustainability relies on the contributions of many, supportive leadership is often what makes or breaks these efforts in the long run.

Karri has made it clear that the Dean’s office takes community ideas very seriously and encourages students, faculty, and staff to share their sustainability-related projects. By creating space for others, Karri has had some of the greatest impact on sustainability at Pitt Business. Oftentimes, the support of administrators happens behind the scenes, which is why it is important to recognize leaders like Karri to serve as an example for others on campus.

Karri is a 2020 Pitt Sustainability Award Winner (Staff Group) for her work in the Pitt Business Staff Leadership Collaboration.