Renée Galloway

Dr. Renée Galloway is Pitt’s Sustainability and Diversity Coordinator, and has played an integral role in advancements in both areas during her 18 years at Pitt.  As the single point of contact in Purchasing Services for sustainability, Renée has been a fundamental link in obtaining and distributing data to numerous external sustainability surveys and publications. She has worked closely with University-wide contracted suppliers to provide and post information about their sustainability efforts. She also developed a cohesive set of guidelines for purchasing sustainably for a variety of commodity categories.

On the diversity front, Renée worked extensively to provide diverse suppliers and small businesses with insight about doing business within a large University. Over the past five fiscal years, she has prepared, revised, and submitted a multitude of small business subcontracting plans to the federal government.  As a result of her efforts, the University has been awarded important research contracts. Renée has served on the Board of Directors of both the Institute for Supply Management — Pittsburgh and the Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council.

Outside of her commitment to sustainability and supplier diversity, Renée has mentored many young women on her own time to help them grow in today’s world. In 2012, she published her book  Done! A Guide to… Prioritize, Plan and Perform to Accomplish Your Goals. Renée has retired from the University as of March 2019, and Pitt Sustainability wants to honor her contributions and achievements.