Samantha Chan (Ford)

Samantha Chan is the Assistant Director of Sustainability. She works with the University-wide Pitt Sustainability team, providing greater support for the Pitt Sustainability Plan’s goals and strategy. Samantha helps coordinate sustainability projects campus-wide, including leading the Pitt Green Office and Green Lab designation programs; supporting zero waste events and initiatives; and communicating Pitt’s leadership and innovation across the equity, environmental and economic spectrum of sustainability. Her professional and educational experience includes environmental analytics, wildlife conservation, revitalization efforts, and biophilic resiliency initiatives that benefit both people and the planet. She holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental science and psychology from Allegheny College and a Master of Sustainability from Chatham University.

Prior to joining the Office of Sustainability Samantha worked with the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing and Innovation at the University of Tennessee performing embodied energy calculations on recycling techniques for fiber composite epoxy laminate to further the circular economy for airplanes and wind turbines.

Samantha is excited to be part of the Pitt Sustainability team supporting the mission of balancing equity, environment and economics to ensure current and future generations can thrive. If you are interested in getting involved to further the culture of sustainability at Pitt, have a sustainability initiative idea, or want to become a Pitt Green Office or Green Lab, please contact her!

Samantha Chan
Assistant Director of Sustainability
Office of Sustainability