Young Sarah Grguras

girl smiling

Young has wowed with her immense passion and leadership capabilities within the world of sustainability at Pitt. On top of her devotion to her studies as a double major in environmental studies and ecology, Young serves as the Student Office of Sustainability Program Assistant and is active with Free the Planet, Fossil Free Pitt, as well as her own research project.

From her first days with Pitt as one of fifty students in the inaugural pre-orientation retreat focused on environmental and social impacts, Young has displayed her passion for environmental justice and her desire to immerse herself both in the Pitt community and into the larger southwestern Pennsylvania community.

Her passion for ridding the world of fossil fuels reveals itself in her involvement with Fossil Free Pitt and her research project about the fracking tour of Washington County, of which she has been working on with the Center for Coalfield Justice. Young is working to extend her research experiences to others through tours and videos. In her research and beyond, Sarah is continually working to educate and lead people towards a greener, healthier planet.