Coffee Options in Pitt Offices

Thinking about how to make your office’s coffee habits more sustainable? We’ve got lots of options available help!

1) If you use a traditional coffee maker, beans-to-cup machine, or reusable k-cup filters, compost your grounds 

by bringing them to an on-campus compostable collection location.


2) Compostable K-pods

– If you are interested in trying these out (and dropping them off at an on-campus compost collection location), make sure that you are using BPI-certified compostable pods from brands such as Tayst or SF Bay.

– As a member of AASHE, Tayst has provided all Pitt buyers with a lifetime 10% discount — just use the code AASHE10. Tayst’s packaging materials are zero waste (i.e., all compostable or recyclable)!



3) Recycle Your Keurig K-Pods through the K Cycle program!

– If you have a $1 Keurig machine from SUPRA, can’t use compostable k-pods, and/or use Keurig brand k-pods exclusively, you can utilize K Cycle program (formally known as Grounds to Grown On).  This program allows you to collect your used k-pods and ship them back to Keurig at no cost.

– Simply contact Greg Babbs or Imani Boyd  to order small (10”x10”x10”) or large (10”x10”x24”) k-pod collection box for your office, enjoy your coffee, and collect k-pods until your box is full.  Then, send the prepaid full box back to Keurig for free.

– Want to learn more about where the pods go after that? Check out this video !

– Pitt started diverting via Kuerig’s recycling program in May 2019; in the program’s first 5 months, we diverted over 750 pounds of k-pods from the landfill!  By weight, 75% of a k-pod is composted, 25% is recycled — all by Keurig.

Have unanswered questions? Reach out to the Office of Sustainability and let us know!