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Commuting Alternatives

Transportation is among the largest sources of carbon emissions in the United States.  For this reason, the mode of transit we use to navigate campus daily has major implications for our environment.  Pitt and the city of Pittsburgh provide a variety of services that make choosing a sustainable transportation method effortless.  Check out some of the resources below to find out how you can make your commute to work or school greener!


Vanpool is a carpooling service that takes between 6 and 15 people to and from their school or workplace everyday.  7 of Pittsburgh’s 51 Vanpool vans make round trips to Pitt on a daily basis and park conveniently outside of Benedum Hall.  Click here to learn more about this service and find out how to register!

Public Transit

Port Authority provides transportation around Oakland and Pittsburgh 7 days a week.  Better yet, it’s free for Pitt students with Pitt ID’s.  Use the online trip planner to figure out which bus route you need and check out Pitt’s shortcut list of popular destinations with bus routes to use to get there!


Biking is not only an environmentally responsible means of transit, but also a great way to get some exercise throughout the day.  Visit our biking page and the campus bike resources map to learn about the many resources on Pitt’s campus and around the city that make biking a convenient and viable transportation method.


Walking is a great method of transportation because it is low impact and completely free! The many cross walks and pathways on Pitt’s campus make walking one of the easiest ways to get around campus.


CommuteInfo is a ride sharing program dedicated to helping commuters find sustainable, cheap, and stress-free methods of getting to and from their workplace.  Be sure to check out the video and head over to the CommuteInfo website for tons of information about the many commuting options available to you!