Fall 2019 Pitt Green Residents

Join us in celebrating the Fall 2019 Pitt Green Residents & Floors!

The Pitt Green Resident & Floor program is an opportunity for any student and floor in Pitt-provided housing to demonstrate how they’re contributing to Pitt’s culture of sustainability.

First, students complete the Green Resident Certification survey to measure how their green practices stack up! If a student scores 50% of the points possible, they earn a Green Resident Certification. If half of a residence hall floor’s residents achieve Pitt Green Resident status, then the floor is designated a Pitt Green Floor!

Some habits that can contribute to a Pitt Green designation include:

  • Turning the sink water off while brushing your teeth,
  • Switching to reusable coffee cups,
  • Turning off the lights in your room for an extra 15 minutes a day, and/or
  • Choosing more plant-forward options.

The Fall 2019 semester was a success for the Green Resident program! By the end of the semester, 792 residents had participated from 63 floors!

442 residents (56%) achieved Green Resident status and 2 floors earned Pitt Green Floor designations.  Congrats Sutherland East, Floor 3, and Litchfield Tower C, Floor 8!

Four residents earned a perfect score! We congratulate Sydney Smith and Kasey Verna from Sutherland Hall – West as well as Maggie Daluga and Brendan Mostek in Panther Hall.

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