Tips to Make Your Course More Sustainable

Reduce Printing

When you reduce unnecessary printing, you’re saving resources including paper, plastic, chemicals, and more.

Go Digital

Think about offering digital learning resources and allowing projects to be turned in online. Check out these helpful helpful tips !


Help students thrive by sharing accessibility resources to help create an inclusive atmosphere in your classroom.

Getting a Sustainability Attribute Code for Your Course

Interested in integrating sustainability more into your course material? Contact the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation for help.


A new Faculty Sustainability Resource Hub is coming soon!

In the meantime explore these helpful links.

Real College Survey
In Fall 2020, Pitt’s Campus Basic Needs Committee administered the Real College Survey in partnership with the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice at Temple University.  Results indicated that 43% of Pitt students experienced at least one form of basic needs insecurity in the 12 months prior to Fall 2020. While only 7% of students who experienced basic needs insecurity used emergency aid, another 47% of students had not even heard of the emergency aid programs available at Pitt.

Pitt Green Offices

Pursue a Pitt Green Office designation for your office or department.

Pitt Green Labs

Show your PI leadership by pursuing a Pitt Green Laboratory designation.

Funding Opportunities

Whether whether you need financial resources for research, a new idea, or a student group you advise, Pitt offers a wide selection of sustainability-focused funding opportunities for faculty and staff.

MCSI Faculty Fellows

The John C. Mascaro Faculty Fellowships in Sustainability serve to enhance the University’s mission of interdisciplinary excellence in research and education. Faculty members from all schools & disciplines across the University of Pittsburgh are encouraged to apply. Fellows and Scholars receive support for research inside and outside of their fields — and may decide to renew their fellowship for one additional year. Learn more from the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation (MCSI). (Early Fall)

MCSI Reserach Seed Grants in Sustainability

Faculty grant proposals for interdisciplinary Pitt sustainability education and research initiatives open every Fall for Spring award.

Pitt Seed Project Funding

Annual funding for $50,000 projects with well-defined actions that will play an instrumental role in transforming the University of Pittsburgh. Applications should be led by faculty or staff, but are encouraged to include student involvement. Projects can include a range of activities, including: research ideas, academic programs, process improvement, diversity and inclusion, community and industry partnership development, outreach, methods of teaching and learning, workshops, lectures and enhancing the student experience. (Early Spring)

Pitt Momentum Funds

Internal funding supporting high-quality research, scholarship, and creative endeavors in 3 tiers, including significant innovative research; early stage planning and capacity building of large multidisciplinary projects; and scaling grants for detailed planning, proof of concept, and technical risk reduction projects. (Faculty)

Engage Pitt

Interested in using crowdfunding for your next sustainability project? Use EngagePitt to help fundraise for your next big idea!

Looking for a project idea for your class?

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