Pitt Green Residents & Green Floors

Are you a Pitt student living in in a residence hall and looking to decrease your environmental footprint? Want to compete against your floor mates and other floors for bragging rights and prizes? Help advance the University of Pittsburgh’s culture of sustainability by becoming a Pitt Green Resident & a Pitt Green Floor!

How do I become a Pitt Green Resident?

Fill out this Pitt Green Resident Self-Assessment to get started (new survey coming in Fall) to find out how your green practices stack up!

Each activity is worth 1 to 4 points. If you score at least 50% of the possible points, you’ll earn the “Pitt Green Resident” designation! Didn’t earn Green Resident on your first try? No worries – just make a few changes to your habits and behaviors, then retake the Self-Assessment anytime during the program.

Hot Tip: Explore the Pitt Student Green Guide and this Pitt Sustainability website for tips and tricks to boost your score! If you want to learn more about how to boost your score beyond these, check out a resource list provided by Business and Auxiliary services, that includes dietary strategies, textile recycling, and more.

How can my residence hall floor become a Pitt Green Floor?

If 50% of your floor achieves Pitt Green Resident status, together you’ll be a Pitt Green Floor. Not only do all certified Pitt Green Floors get a plaque in their hall’s lobby to recognize their achievement, but the highest scoring floor also wins a zero-waste ice cream party sponsored by Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream!

Not an on-campus student, but want to participate? Learn more about how to participate in other Green Programs available at Pitt.

Who is already a Pitt Green Resident – and which floors in which residence halls have achieved Pitt Green Floor designation?