How to Make Your Home Office More Sustainable

Tips on how to be sustainable while working remotely!



As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues, employees will be working from home.  Working from home provides a new opportunity to incorporate sustainable practices into your daily work routine.  Similar to the steps you can take to become a Pitt Green Office on campus, we’ve compiled a list of ways to make your home office more sustainable.

For employees who have a Pitt Green Office designation, you can continue to support your team’s mission at home by participating in our brand new Pitt Green Home Office Challenge! In this challenge, you will be able to learn about how to make your home workspace more sustainable. Our Carbon Savings Calculator will give you an estimate of how many pounds of CO2e you are saving each year. You’ll also be able to compare your results to other Pitt employees on the Green Home Office Challenge Results page.

Save Energy

Reducing & Diverting Waste

Food Practices


Health & Wellbeing

Creating A Sustainable Culture at Home

To learn more, check out our working remotely page!


For more information on how to incorporate sustainability into your campus office or lab, check out our Pitt Green programs!