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Haven’t found something elsewhere about Pitt sustainability efforts?  Check out below for direct links to Pitt departments, enthralling videos, carbon footprint calculators, & more!

Sustainability Videos
2021 Sustainability Champions
In recognition of their leadership and commitment to Pitt Sustainability, 25 members of the University community have been selected as 2021 Pitt Sustainability Champions.
Pitt MCSI Green Speakeasy- Earth Month Teach-In: Leveraging Research to Inform Calls to Action
Hear from seven influential women who are advancing sustainability by discovering connections and building opportunities toward a healthier future.
Choose to Reuse
Learn how to use reusable containers at The Eatery and The Perch on campus.
Sustainability at Pitt: Intro for Students, 2020
Hear from current Pitt students about all the different ways to be engaged in sustainability initiatives on campus!
Orientation Video for New Staff & Faculty
3.5 minute summary of how you can help PItt's campus be more sustainable.
Pitt Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2037
University of Pittsburgh's carbon neutrality commitment
Pitt Sustainability Plan Launch Video
Chancellor Patrick Gallagher introduces the 2018 Pitt Sustainability Plan.
girl at desk
Pitt Student Office of Sustainability
Learn more about Pitt's very active Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS)!
Amplifying Black Voices for a Sustainable Economic Future (Pitt CSB, October 2020)
This moderated panel of local Black business-owners and sustainability professionals covers (1) the linkages (or lack thereof) between racial justice and sustainability strategy in business settings; (2) what it means to identify as a sustainability professional, why some people choose not to, and how that affects access to professional networks and opportunities; (3) why the equity must be grounded in community; (4) the importance of the language used to talk about sustainability and economic development; and (5) how policymaking can move us towards a more equitable and sustainable economic future.
Pitt CSB Panel on Corporate Purpose, (Social) Equity, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Spring 2020)
March 2020 panel about the role of business in driving social change in line with the United Nations’ SDG framework. University of Pittsburgh. Hosted by Pitt's Center for Sustainable Business and Global Studies Center.
Bee Houses
Bee Friendly Pitt Sets Campus Abuzz
Launch of Pitt's Center for Sustainable Business
The Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) was launched in 2019 to maximize the value of investments in sustainable business strategies by juxtaposing active research and teaching with applied knowledge and industry experience.
Have You Herd?
Learn about the goats that summer at Pitt!
woman with microphone
Sustainability Now: Pittsburgh’s Energy Future - Teresea Leatherow
How we should look at energy sustainability as a benefit, not an expense.

Pitt Peregrine Falcon Nest Cam courtesy of the National Aviary. To learn more about the latest news and the history of the cam, please visit the National Aviary’s web.