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Resources help bring sustainability to life. For instance, tools can be used to calculate your own personal carbon footprint. Videos can show you what it’s like to be green and the falcon cam can help to remind you of one of the reasons we care—nature!

Sustainability Videos
Orientation Video for New Staff & Faculty
3.5 minute summary of how you can help PItt's campus be more sustainable.
2018 Pitt Sustainability Plan Video
Chancellor Patrick Gallagher introduces the 2018 Pitt Sustainability Plan.
girl at desk
Pitt Student Office of Sustainability
Learn more about Pitt's very active Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS)!
woman with microphone
Sustainability Now: Pittsburgh’s Energy Future - Teresea Leatherow
How we should look at energy sustainability as a benefit, not an expense?
Bee Houses
Bee Friendly Pitt Sets Campus Abuzz
Have You Herd?
A Day with the Chancellor
In his last segment as host, Jesse spends the day with Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, discussing everything from politics and Greek life to South Oakland and the idea of a football stadium on campus. Along the way, they run into new Athletic Director Heather Lyke, who decides to join them on their adventure.

Pitt Peregrine Falcon Nest Cam courtesy of the National Aviary. To learn more about the latest news and the history of the cam, please visit the National Aviary’s web.