Murdoch Building (LEED Gold, 2020)


The Murdoch Building is located at 3420 Forbes Avenue (at Coltart Avenue). The first commercial office space to be newly built in Oakland in nearly a decade, the Murdoch Building was built on the site of a former parking lot and completed in June 2019. The Murdoch building is an 8-story building with ground floor retail occupied by CVS and the University of Pittsburgh leasing the top four floors. 

The building was certified LEED Gold in 2020 and covers 95,000 ft2.

Green Building Highlights 

  • Energy cost savings from a fully insulated building envelope, high performance glazing, energy saving light fixtures, and more. 
  • Reduction in water usage from low-flow showers, toilets, urinals, and auto control faucets.
  • Increased indoor air quality. 
  • Electric car charging stations. 
  • Bicycle storage.
  • Green cleaning and housekeeping means less exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • A centrally located area for recycling paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, and metals.
  • A construction waste management plan diverted over 75% of the project’s construction and demolition waste from being disposed in landfills.
  • A minimum 20% of building materials by cost contained either post- consumer or post-industrial recycled content.
  • A minimum 20% of building materials by cost were extracted and manufactured within 500 miles of the site.
  • Minimal negative impact on the local environment in terms of loss of soil, sedimentation of local storm-water systems, and localized air pollution.
  • Location is within one-half mile of a dense residential zone and within close pedestrian access to more than ten basic community services.
  • Access to public transit reduces the need to drive cars to the site for both tenants and their visitors.
  • A stormwater management plan meets local ordinance requirements.
  • Both a light-colored roof and a green roof reduce urban heat island effect, increase HVAC efficiency, and tenants benefit with reduced energy costs.

Architect: JMac
MEP Engineer: Allen & Shariff
Contractor: Mascaro Construction