Alan Magee Scaife Hall Addition & Renovation (In Construction & Pursuing LEED Certification)


Alan Magee Scaife Hall is the home of the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine, offering classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and the medical library. The addition project will add a 7 floor west wing,¬† including contemporary learning space, along with a renovated Falk Library of the Health Sciences with an entrance on Lothrop Street, making it more convenient for all health sciences students. Once construction is completed, Alan Magee Scaife Hall will include a terrace caf√© on Terrace Street.

The 146,379 square foot addition and 200,000 renovation projects are pursuing LEED certification.

Alan Magee Scaife Hall Addition & Renovation is Under Construction

Green Building Highlights

  • Where possible, the project is salvaging and reusing existing wood trim and travertine.
  • The space will include ample natural light, reducing the need for more electricity consumption.
  • The building’s envelope will be very efficient, offering an R-38 roof, R-25 walls, and an air leakage rate of 0.25 cfm (cubic feet per minute).
  • Efficient energy and water performance systems, including high-efficiency HVAC, plumbing, and electricity upgrades.
  • A heat wheel and Konvekta air handling units will improve energy efficiency and heat recovery.
  • A chilled beam system will distribute air efficiently while conserving energy.
  • A demand control ventilation system will help improve indoor air quality and reduce energy consumption.
  • Commissioning will ensure energy systems, the building envelope, and overall high performance are ensured.
  • LED lights will be installed throughout, using less energy over their long lifetimes.
  • A new cascading stormwater management feature planted with native species will be added along Lothrop Street.
  • The addition will be solar ready.

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Architect: Payette
Contractor: PJ Dick