Engineering & Science Building Renovation, Pitt Johnstown (Pending LEED certification)


The renovation of Pitt Johnstown’s Engineering and Science building renovation added on a Chemical Engineering building that houses laboratories, classrooms, study spaces, and faculty offices. New labs provide areas for students experiments related to chemical separation, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, process control, and reaction engineering, as well as a simulation lab. 

The renovation covered 64,600 ft2 and is pursuing LEED certification.

Green Building Highlights 

  • Kept a major portion of the building envelope, keeping materials from entering landfills.
  • Reduction in light pollution, helping to reduce environmental consequences such as altering migratory bird patterns while also reducing energy consumption.
  • Reduction of heat island effect by choosing a high albedo (highly reflective) roof.
  • Energy recovery equipment for new laboratory mechanical systems, variable frequency drives for pumps and fans, and building automation.
  • New systems (including plumbing to electrical) will commissioned to optimize performance and efficiency. 
  • Sustainable interior materials emit low or no VOCs, and contain no added urea formaldehyde.
  • Construction waste, recycled and regional material content of materials, and VOC levels of construction materials monitored throughout the project.
  • Native plants in landscaping eliminate the need for supplemental irrigation.
  • Nearby alternative transportation options include the University Shuttle and the public bus lines.

Architect: IKM
Contractor: Volpatt