Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation’s 2022 Annual Report

Peruse the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation’s 2022 Annual Report for a glimpse into many progress points in the Pitt Sustainability Plan’s Exploration section.

Established in 2003, the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation (MCSI) is our university-wide sustainability center focused on catalyzing sustainability research and education. MCSI leads Pitt’s faculty sustainability engagement via strategy and programs focused on integrating sustainability into the curriculum, groundbreaking sustainability research, and community outreach and innovation. MCSI’s various student opportunities focus on exploring and experiencing sustainability in research, practice, and performance. MCSI’s Faculty Sustainability Task Force brings together representatives from every Pitt school to advance sustainability through the integration of a multidisciplinary curriculum, groundbreaking research, innovation, community engagement, and partnership. MCSI also creates opportunities to coordinate academic collaborations across campus with Pitt’s other sustainability-focused and -related research centers.  Learn more about MCSI 2021-22 activites relating to

  • Broadening Influence Through Campus Engagement
  • MCSI Research Program
  • 2022-23 Research Seed Grants in Sustainability
  • Novel Academic Programs Across the Disciplinary Spectrum
  • Partnerships Creating Public Good
  • Global Sustainability Efforts
  • Recognition & Engagement
  • Media, Journal Articles, Books, & Other Publications
  • MCSI Strategic Planning

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