New Recreation and Wellness Center Will Champion Students’ Mental and Physical Wellness

New Campus Rec & Wellness Center will be a total health & wellness destination providing new campus connections & showcasing Pitt’s commitment to sustainability.

In design since 2018, the new Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is expected to open in Fall 2024 and provide 270,000 square feet of first-rate amenities and services driven and conceptualized by the primary stakeholders — students.

From recreation and fitness areas to yoga and meditation spaces, this innovative multi-story facility will encompass all aspects of health and wellness, taking a holistic approach to support and enrich the student experience. It will include additional amenities, including a recreation pool, jogging track, weight-lifting equipment, basketball and volleyball courts, and more.

The project is pursuing LEED certification and will add 270,000 square feet to campus.  There are copious green building features planned, including biophilic design elements (incorporating natural light, plants, natural materials, and other experiences of the natural world), energy efficient systems, stormwater collection tanks supporting campus-wide rainwater reuse network, and new active transportation amenities and connections through campus.

“Every aspect of this building has been designed being conscious of how we’re impacting the environment and how we can create the most sustainable building that we’ve built in the last 20 to 30 years,” Vice Provost & Dean of Students, Kenyon Bonner said. (University Times)

“Throughout this entire process, student voices and values were heavily considered,” said Audrey Collins, a third-year doctoral student and a student representative from the Department of Health and Human Development in the School of Education. “It’s important to support students from an academic perspective but also to help improve other aspects of their lives. The new facility will do that and provide inclusive opportunities to improve overall student health and wellness from a holistic approach.” (Pittwire)

Collins (EDUC ’17, ’18G), who is pursuing a doctorate in exercise physiology, continued: “It’s also a symbol of the University of Pittsburgh’s value and commitment to students’ well-being. I’m proud to be a student here.”


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