Ecology Club

Ecology Club is a club with the hope of building a community of like-minded, diverse individuals who are interested in ecology, evolution, zoology, botany, and anything else dealing with life and the outdoors.

Outdoors Club

Outdoors Club is designed to provide an outlet to outdoor recreation whether that be in the form of climbing, hiking, white water rafting, or a myriad of other activities.

The Aquaponics Project

The Aquaponics Project is the combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture. The Aquaponics Project is a group based at the University of Pittsburgh which aims to promote sustainable farming initiatives in our community.

Competitive Rock Climbing Team

The Pitt Competitive Rock Climbing team is a group of about 30 students who are passionate about Rock Climbing and compete at local, regional, and national rock climbing competitions. We mainly practice and compete indoors, but we love…

Global Environmental Brigades

Global Environmental Brigades works to sponsor awareness of global environmental issues and encourage international sustainability based volunteer trips.

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Citizen’s Climate Lobby has a goal of bringing together students from all different ideologies and backgrounds to advocate for effective policies and initiatives that address climate change. The CCL is a non-partisan organization that builds consensus on climate…

Socially Responsible Investment Portfolio

Founded in 2007, the Socially Responsible Investment Portfolio was created by Pitt students and faculty in association with the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership and the Certificate in Leadership and Ethics Program. The portfolio’s ~3o members…

Katz Corporate Sustainability Club

Operating out of the Katz Graduate School for Business, the Katz Corporate Sustainability Club (KCSC), in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Business, helps prepare students for this changing trend in industry by enabling students to adopt a…

Meet the Pitt Sustainability Plan

Pitt is proud to announce the release of the Sustainability Plan which outlines the institution’s sustainability efforts on campus and the community.

University of Pittsburgh Wins 2017 Sustainable Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge

After a year long competition, the Green Workplace Challenge awards the University division win to the University of Pittsburgh – congrats!