Pitt Hydroponics

Founded in 2014, Pitt Hydroponics is group of students who love to design systems, grow plants, and help the community!  Pitt Hydroponics grows plants in Oakland and Homewood, donating food to the Pitt Pantry and CHS.  Pitt Hydroponics…

The Pitt Pantry

The Pitt Pantry is dedicated to ensuring that all members of the Pitt community have regular access to a balanced and nutritious diet. Open since Spring 2015, the Pantry hosts regular shopping hours for Pitt community members to…

Pitt EcoReps

Pitt EcoReps are student sustainability ambassadors in Pitt’s residence halls.  EcoReps work with members of the Pitt community to integrate sustainability into the culture of our residence halls by reducing energy and water use, increasing recycling and composting,…

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit that supports engineering-centric activities with a focus on international development work. The University of Pittsburgh has an active chapter, having completed projects in Mali, Brazil, and all over the world.


INDU is a nonprofit initiative which combats domestic violence in South Asian populations and creates spaces for discussion for relevant social justice issues.

Doctors Without Borders

The Doctors Without Borders Pitt Student Chapter supports the mission of the international Doctors Without Borders organization by fundraising on their behalf, extending upon their missions in Pittsburgh by participating in local community service projects, and advocating for…

Ecology Club

Ecology Club is a club with the hope of building a community of like-minded, diverse individuals who are interested in ecology, evolution, zoology, botany, and anything else dealing with life and the outdoors.

Outdoors Club

Outdoors Club is designed to provide an outlet to outdoor recreation whether that be in the form of climbing, hiking, white water rafting, or a myriad of other activities.

The Aquaponics Project

The Aquaponics Project is the combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture. The Aquaponics Project is a group based at the University of Pittsburgh which aims to promote sustainable farming initiatives in our community.

Competitive Rock Climbing Team

The Pitt Competitive Rock Climbing team is a group of about 30 students who are passionate about Rock Climbing and compete at local, regional, and national rock climbing competitions. We mainly practice and compete indoors, but we love…