Pitt Bike Cave

The Pitt Bike Cave is an inclusive bicycle cooperative, maintenance, & teaching shop open to students, staff, faculty, and anyone else with an interest in biking.  Come repair your bike, , receive safety and educational materials, participate in…

Engineers for a Sustainable World

Engineers for a Sustainable World is a national non-profit which brings together technically minded people to impact problems of sustainability both locally and globally. While projects vary between chapters, ESW at Pitt is focused primarily on local and…

Food Recovery Heroes

Food Recovery Heroes is the University of Pittsburgh’s chapter of the Food Recovery Network. The Food Recovery Network unites students at colleges and universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering surplus food from campus dining halls…

Free the Planet

Free the Planet (FTP) is a student environmental organization at the University of Pittsburgh working on campus and in the community to foster awareness about important environmental issues while taking action to resolve them. FTP’s primary goal is…


Plant2Plate is a student organization at the University of Pittsburgh consisting of 3 elements: the farm, the kitchen, and the community. Plant2Plate manages an urban garden on campus, which provides produce for students and a local food bank,…

United Students Against Sweatshops

United Students Against Sweatshops – Chapter #31 is the Pitt chapter of the United Students Against Sweatshops, a national student labor organization dedicated to workers’ rights and social justice.

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Citizen’s Climate Lobby has a goal of bringing together students from all different ideologies and backgrounds to advocate for effective policies and initiatives that address climate change. The CCL is a non-partisan organization that builds consensus on climate…

The Aquaponics Project

The Aquaponics Project is the combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture. The Aquaponics Project is a group based at the University of Pittsburgh which aims to promote sustainable farming initiatives in our community.

Feel Good

FeelGood is a student-led movement with a mission to end world poverty, one grilled cheese at a time.

Outdoors Club

Outdoors Club is designed to provide an outlet to outdoor recreation whether that be in the form of climbing, hiking, white water rafting, or a myriad of other activities.