Pitt Fleet Expands Efficient, Hybrid, & Electric Options via Enterprise Partnership

Expanded Pitt partnership with Enterprise Fleet puts us on a path to 268 future electric and hybrid vehicles.

2020-21 MCSI Leonard Peters Faculty Fellows

Three Pitt professors across disciplines selected as the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation’s 2020-21 Leonard Peters Faculty Fellows

Water Quality Monitoring Basics Webinar

Allegheny County Conservation District is hosting the “Advocate for your Watershed Webinar Series”! Join all webinars, or join the Water Collaboratory for water quality monitoring basics on September 22nd from 6:00-7:30! Come learn about water quality monitoring basics,…

Strategizing Regional Green Infrastructure Data Needs

The Pittsburgh Water Collaboratory is hosting a series of quarterly meetings to advance conversations and collaborations among water-related organizations in the Upper Ohio River region. The second event, co-hosted with 3 Rivers Wet Weather, will be October 27th,…

Center for Energy

The University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Energy is a university-wide endeavor that leverages the energy-related expertise of 100+ faculty members across campus from multiple disciplines and departments. Established in 2008, the Center is a unifying entity for faculty…

SOOS First Thursdays

Check out for more information!

SOOS First Thursdays

Check out for more information!

Green Lab Resources

Learn about everything you can do related to purchasing, energy consumption/equipment maintenance, water conservation, lab recycling, chemicals/safety, and culture of sustainability to help your lab go green!

SOOS First Thursdays

The Student Office Of Sustainability will be having its first Virtual First Thursday of the semester on Thursday, September 3rd from 6:30 to 8 on Zoom. We will start off with introductions from the SOOS Staff, then we…

Campus Basic Needs Committee

Committee Goals   The University of Pittsburgh is committed to supporting all students in meeting basic needs, including access to adequate food, safe housing, and other necessities. Basic needs security supports student physical and mental health, academic performance,…