Dave Sanchez

Dr. David Sanchez serves as assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.  Dave most recently spearheaded the creation of a Sustainable Engineering Master’s Program through the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation. The effort…

Project Aims to Recycle the Unrecyclable

Pitt Professors are looking to create a recyclable material that can replace unrecyclable plastic packaging.

New Glass Could Be Future of Solar Energy

Associate professor Paul Leu is researching new technology that could improve solar panels.

Energy and Emissions

To combat the serious threat of climate change, we aim to dramatically reduce energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Goals and Aspirations Reach carbon neutrality by 2037 for Pittsburgh campus (Added in February 2020)  Learn more…

Transportation & Mobility

We strive for convenient multi-modal access to and through our campus, prioritizing low-carbon modes and a walkable campus to promote the health and safety of our community and the environment. Goals and Aspirations Achieve Silver-level Bicycle-Friendly University status…

Landscape & Ecology

We will cultivate sustainable landscapes that increase biodiversity and enrich all ecosystem services, which are vital to environmental and human health and well-being. Goals and Aspirations Adhere to Pitt’s Sustainable Landscape Design Guidelines in all new landscape designs….

Materials & Waste

We will strive for sustainable consumption and diversion practices by considering sourcing, usage, and ultimate disposal at time of purchase. Goals and Aspirations Establish procedures, policies, practices, and educational tools to reduce the quantity and environmental impact of…

Water Systems

We will strive for responsible consumption of potable and nonpotable water sources and use best-practice stormwater management and reuse on campus. Goals and Aspirations Work with the City to ensure clean, healthy drinking water for all in our…