Pitt Green

Pitt Green Ambassadors is a peer-education program that embeds sustainability throughout the University of Pittsburgh across multiple departments, campuses, and areas of expertise.

Individual Pitt Green Ambassadors have demonstrated their knowledge of Pitt Sustainability programs and competence in incorporating sustainability best practices into their work. Ambassador support actively helps Pitt advance sustainability and reach towards carbon neutrality.

To become a Pitt Green Ambassador, you must be willing to educate your peers about sustainability at Pitt and best practices, volunteer once annually to educate new employees, stay informed about University and campus Sustainability happenings (via newsletter), and demonstrate your abilities via one of the following;

The Pitt Green Ambassador program is in pilot, so please contact us with questions or ideas!

Featured Pitt Green Ambassadors

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Samantha Chan
Assistant Director of Sustainability
Office of Sustainability
About Samantha
Ward Allenbach Headshot
Ward Allebach
Adjunct Professor
Geology and Environmental Sciences
About Ward


Pitt Green Ambassadors have access to multiple sustainability resources and presentations to help educate and communicate to our University community.

You also get access to the Pitt Green Ambassador community of like-minded professionals who can collaborate, share ideas, and help grow the culture of sustainability at Pitt.

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