Pitt Green Labs with 2020 Designations

Thank you to all of the University of Pittsburgh laboratories who are working to create a thriving culture of sustainability on campus!

Congratulations to our first Pitt Green Labs!


If you do not see your lab listed below and are interested in joining a community of professionals dedicated to finding sustainable solutions, register here! By joining the prorgam you will receive a ranking of either Seed, Sprout, Sapling or Sustainable Oak, an award and a consult to identify opportunities for you to level up your sustainability practices within your workspace.


* Carvunis Lab  – Computational & Systems Biology
* Clark Lab – Physics & Astronomy
Teichert Lab – Psychiatry





  • Chen Lab – Aging & Pulmonary Medicine
  • Huang Lab – Critical Care Medicine
  • Kohl Lab – Biological Sciences
  • Kuebbing Lab – Biological Sciences
  • Lee-Oesterreich Lab – Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
  • O’Donnell Lab – Biological Sciences
  • Parikh Lab – Medicine
  • Payne Lab – Biological Sciences
  • Richards-Zawacki Lab – Biological Sciences
  • Stephenson Lab – Biological Sciences
  • West Lab – Biological Sciences
  • Wright Lab – Biomedical Informatics



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