Get Your “Pitt Green” Designation

Learn how to make your sphere of influence more sustainable by pursuing Pitt Green Resident, Office, Laboratory, Residence Floor, or Student Organization designation — or hold a Green Event!

Show how sustainable you are as a resident, residence floor, office, lab, student organization, or event by earning a “Pitt Green” status!

What is the Goal?

– To educate current and new members of the Pitt community on how to engage in sustainable activities in their offices, labs, floors, and student organizations with their programs and through their initiatives

– To celebrate staff, faculty, and student sustainability leaders University-wide

– To share and innovate best practices in all areas of sustainability governance, operations, and decision-making (equity, environment, and economy)

– To implement, connect, and support sustainable policies and practices across the University of Pittsburgh

How Do I Participate?

  • You can participate if you are a part of an office, laboratory, residence hall, or student organization and want to achieve a “green” status for your work space, living space, or group!
  • Participating offices, labs, residence halls, and student organizations earn points by auditing their current practices and indicating what sustainable actions they are currently taking to “green” their spaces or groups. Each sustainable practice is assigned a point value based on its impact, ease, and cost of implementation.
  • Information on hosting green events is also provided below!

What are the Specifics?