Pitt Sustainability Plan

Published in January 2018, the Pitt Sustainability Plan identifies 15 impact areas that help focus the University’s sustainability goals and key performance indicators for tracking progress over time. These impact areas are organized into the 3 themes below.  Follow along with our progress on these goals in our 2018-22 Progress Report on the Pitt Sustainability Plan.

Pitt will care for both the built and the natural environment to ensure responsible and efficient resource management; we will continually strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.
Through the integration of a multidisciplinary curriculum, groundbreaking research, and social engagement, Pitt will educate every member of our community, support our leaders, and promote innovation.
Community & Culture
Pitt will continue to strengthen its campus and communities by creating a culture of shared responsibility for our impact on surrounding communities, the region, and the world.
Click around the chart to learn about each impact area, its associated goals, and our progress on them.
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