Pittsburgh Campus Construction Sustainability, 2023

Walking around the University’s Pittsburgh campus, it’s easy to notice a bevy of construction activity, all driven by the 2019 Campus Master Plan — and all with sustainability embedded into them..

  • The Eatery – New street level entry, social opportunities, sustainable finishes, & plant forward dining. Interim outdoor dining options are also expected. (Fall 2024 completion)
  • Hillman Library – Light-filled spaces, biophilic design, & pursuit of LEED certification; will also feature rooftop solar panels on top of water & energy system upgrades. (Fall 2024 completion)
A rendering of a building with a grassy top
  • Campus Recreation & Wellness Center – New campus hub for physical and mental well-being will have a massive green roof & solar panels; the building will facilitate new connections between upper & lower campus. Pursuing LEED certification, including high energy & water performance. (Fall 2024 completion)
  • Hillside Beautification – Adjacent to the Rec & Wellness center a hillside transformation will create new green space for gathering, pedestrian connections, & campus views. An underground stormwater reuse system will capture runoff and channel rain water to Pitt’s chilled water plant. (Fall 2024 completion)

  • Victory Heights Arena & Sports Performance Center Adjacent to Petersen Events Center, the Arena will provide Pitt’s volleyball, wrestling, & gymnastics teams world class facilities while serving the sports medicine, nutrition, & mental well-being needs of all Pitt student athletes. It is pursuing LEED certification & topped with a green roof and solar panels, (Spring 2025 completion).
A rendering of a lawn atop a building

“Another way Pitt improves campus and reduces its construction impact is by upgrading existing facilities. As detailed in the Pitt Sustainability Plan, Pitt is committed to reducing its environmental impact in every aspect of its operations, including construction and renovations. That commitment is reflected in Pitt’s 17 building projects with LEED green building certifications.

“Sustainability is one of Pitt’s core values; it’s embedded in everything we do,” said David DeJong, Senior Vice Chancellor of Business & Operations.

Here are some of the recent projects completed with sustainability in mind.

  • Salk Hall – Completed in Summer 2022, this home to the Schools of Pharmacy and Dental Medicine, “underwent an extensive renovation, including installing state-of-the-art classrooms and research laboratories, a three-story atrium designated as a collaboration space and student lounge, and a revamped lecture hall. The building’s upgrade earned Pitt its first LEED Platinum certification — the highest honor of its kind for sustainable building. Most notably, more than 90% of construction and demolition waste was diverted from landfills, and the project used renewable energy from the University’s power purchase agreement.
  • Alan Magee Scaife Hall – The West Wing addition of Alan Magee Scaife Hall was completed in Spring 2023, primarily for School of Medicine students, but also welcoming all Health Sciences students. This 7-story building houses classroom, study rooms, and a new anatomy lab, alongside new student spaces. Pursuing LEED certification, the building also includes “. Along with several student lounges and gathering areas, the building includes a Panera Bread on the fourth floor slated to open later this month. The building’s addition and renovation — which include “a new cascading stormwater management feature planted with native species along Lothrop Street — and was built to support future rooftop solar panels.”
  • Pitt-Greensburg Life Sciences Building – Completed in Winter 2023, the new Life Sciences Building boasts 7 laboratory spaces available to science, nursingm and general studies students; it is pursuing LEED certification.
  • Pitt-Bradford George B. Duke Engineering & Information Technologies Building – Completed in Winter 2023, this new campus hub is for for engineering, computing, and energy studies. Students’ classroom curriculum is bolstered by the complex’s rooftop solar panel array, virtual reality lab, networking lab, makerspace, ample fabrication space and engineering shops.

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