New Sustainability Transcript Distinction Available to Recognize Focus In & Out of Classroom

Are you a student interested in Sustainability both in and outside of the classroom? Consider getting the new Sustainability Distinction to get “credit” for your sustainability focus in the classroom, on campus, and in our community!

Pitt’s new interdisciplinary transcript distinctions provide students a credential to communicate the strategies behind their academic courses and high impact activities outside the classroom. In this manner, students learn to translate their knowledge into practical applications and are prepared to communicate these experiences to a broad audience.  Initial offerings include a Global Distinction, an Honors Distinction, and a Sustainability Distinction (learn more below).  An Applied Creativity Distinction is also in development.

The Sustainability Distinction is setup to provide students with a mechanism to gain recognition and “credit” for their outside-the-classroom endeavors, combined with sustainability-focused classes.  To receive the Sustainability Distinction, students must:

– Take 9 academic credits in Sustainability,
– Participate in at least 3  Sustainability activities (e.g., student groups, service, projects, internships, study abroad, and/or entrepreneurship)
– Obtain the OCC Sustainability Badge, and
– Reflect on how Sustainability has impacted their college career.

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