Sustainability Living Learning Community


In partnership with the Office of Sustainability and PittServes, the Sustainability Living Learning Community focuses on helping students explore and engage with sustainability across all disciplines through analysis and execution of the Pitt Sustainability Plan. This LLC will be home to both upper and lowerclassmen students who will learn the best practices for living sustainably and how to model these behaviors for their peers and the Pitt community. 

Living with other like-minded students, you’ll participate in programs that explore sustainability issues by blending environmental, equitable, and economical perspectives through monthly discussions, guest speakers, and engagement with other sustainability-related Pitt students and leaders. Students can expect to meet friends and mentors through residence life programs,  community service projects, and other special opportunities like taking the Green Resident Survey to become Green Residents and working their way to the Sustainability Distinction. The Sustainability LLC will expand your Pitt journey and provide you with connections to the world of sustainability at Pitt.

This LLC will provide a unique experience for upperclassmen and underclassmen to live and learn together along with the other LLCs in Brackenridge Hall including the Multicultural LLC. Upperclassman will have the opportunity to mentor an underclassman on their floor and educate them on Pitt’s Sustainability Plan and encourage them to take steps to achieve Pitt’s Sustainability Goals and Aspirations.

Upperclassmen: Upperclassmen residing in the Sustainability LLC will have the unique experience of taking on an underclassmen mentee to help navigate Pitt Sustainability and Pitt’s Sustainability Plan. The culture of Sustainability at Pitt is continually growing and one of the most important factors is continuing to grow the Sustainability community through close-knit relationships and communication. The knowledge and skills gained through this experience and other co-curricular activities enable students to actively enhance and improve the culture of sustainability on Pitt’s Campus and beyond.