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Engaging students in the world of sustainability

Pitt hopes for all of its students to gain a fundamental understanding of sustainability. Through various courses, majors, minors, internships and community activities, Pitt students have many opportunities to engage with sustainability issues.

Programs & Courses
Programs & Courses


Pitt schools and departments offer a wide variety of courses with sustainability content as well as sustainability-based undergraduate programs and graduate fellowships.



Offerings vary from term to term, but the following is a sampling of sustainability-related courses at Pitt. Sustainability courses can be found in the below link with brief descriptions.


Labs & Projects & Funding & Grants
Labs & Projects & Funding & Grants

Pitt fosters a community of passionate researchers working on solving the Earth’s sustainability conerns that are always looking for the next collaborator. Or if you’re starting from scratch, learn about Pitt’s funding and grant opportunities to fund your idea.

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The University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering has been a pioneer in the field of sustainability since the establishment of its cutting-edge green construction program in 1999. Today, the School’s research and education programs in sustainability are spearheaded by the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation (MCSI), a center of excellence in sustainable engineering focusing on the design of sustainable neighborhoods.

Established in 2003, the Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation promotes the incorporation of sustainable engineering concepts and practices through the Pitt

Swanson School of Engineering. Its mission is to create and nurture innovations that benefit the environment, positively impact the University and community-at-large, and improve quality of life. Through the integration of curriculum, ground-breaking research and social engagement, the Center engages students, faculty and staff as well as everyday citizens to explore and experience sustainability in practice and performance.

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