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Pitt Sustainability Awards

Recognizing Pitt faculty, staff, and students who are making an extraordinary impact on campus sustainability.

2022 Awardees & Student Champions | Past winners

2022 Pitt Student Sustainability Champions

  • Annalise Abraham, English Writing & Urban Studies ’22
  • Emily Albrecht, Psychology ’22
  • Suchi Attota, Computer Science ’22
  • Anita Bargaje, Computational Biology, Chemistry, and Global Health ’22
  • Jared Deluccia, Economics & Yistory ’22
  • Matthew Hess, Environmental Studies ’22
  • Lucy Klug, Environmental Studies ’22



  • Taylor Laing, Environmental Studies ’22
  • Danny Nigh, Masters of Business Administration ’22
  • Meri Raughley, Ecology and Evolution ’22
  • Madison Stanley, Political Science ’22
  • Abby Zolner, Environmental Studies ’22
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Student Sustainable Solutions Competition

Competition offered student teams an avenue to create and develop their campus sustainability ideas in a supportive atmosphere.

2017 Award Winners

Pitt Bicycle Collective
The Pitt Bicycle Collective proposed project was starting a bike co-op on the University of Pittsburgh’s Campus. Opened in Summer 2017, the Pitt Bike Cave is a space where community members gather to fix their bikes, get mechanic help, attend workshops/events, and receive safety materials.