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Search for upcoming sustainability events, tours, lectures, sales, films, and celebrations, at the University of Pittsburgh and around the city!

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Pitt-Greensburg: Nature & Sustainability Expert Lars Kapis
February 4th
The Fate of Food – A Call for Research and Social Action
February 7th
CCI Energy Efficiency Fair
February 9th
Plan for Pitt: Sustainability Focus Group
February 13th
Countermapping: Our Connection to Climate-Related Upheavals
February 17th
Plan for Pitt: Sustainability Focus Group
February 17th
Ideation Expo of Pitt U.Lab Hub
February 18th
Nature of Place Symposium Keynote – Michelle Kondo
February 19th
Nature of Place Symposium
February 20th
Green Speakeasy: Water Resources
February 25th
Never A Spectator: A Civic Engagement Forum
February 27th
Coffee with Business Ethics Professor CB Bhattacharya
February 27th