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What You Can Do

The Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS) supports the potential of students to to infuse sustainability into the culture, values, and decision-making at Pitt. With a physical collaboration space in the William Pitt Union (510) , SOOS  supports 25+ affiliated student organizations’ projects and goal-setting. while helping students creatively revolutionize the way the University of Pittsburgh community approaches environmental and social justice, and inspire conversations about building a sustainable future on campus and off.


Find a volunteering activity that gives back to our community.


PittServes is a University-wide initiative that engages students in meaningful service to the community on a local, national and international scale.


Learn more about ways to be involved in one-time or recurring service projects, start your own service initiatives, or engage as a community partner.


Refer to the Community and Government Relations page to build healthy relationships in the community and for more opportunities to give back.

Don’t wash clothes or take showers during heavy rains

This helps minimize combined sewer overflows (CSO) into our rivers.

Meatless Mondays

Replacing 1 pound of beef in your diet would save as much as 2,000 gallons of water!

Remove invasive plants

Replace some of your lawn with sustainable landscaping as described in Pitt’s Sustainable Landscape Design Guideline

Buy local food from Farmer’s Markets

Markets near campus include:

  • Farmer’s Market at Pitt (William Pitt Union Driveway) – Thursdays 10:30am-2pm
  • Bloomfield — Saturdays 9am-1pm, 5050 Liberty Ave
  • Downtown (Market Square)  — Thursdays 10am-2pm
  • East Liberty — Mondays 3-7pm, Station St
  • Lawrenceville — Saturdays 1-4pm, Arsenal Park
  • Shadyside — Sundays 9am-1pm, William Penn Tavern parking lot
  • Squirrel Hill — Sundays 9am-1pm, Beacon/Bartlett parking lot
  • Swissvale — Saturdays 9am-1pm, 2036 Noble St
  • Wilkinsburg — Thursdays 3-6:30pm, 225 Penn Ave

Turn off the lights before you leave home

Every little action helps save money, reduce energy use, and improve air emissions.

Get a rain barrel

Capture and reuse water at you house to reduce combined sewer overflow (CSO) events and save water and money when you water your plants or garden, rinse hardscapes, and more.

How you can help on campus

We need your help in activating the University of Pittsburgh’s sustainability strategy every day.  Are you having an event soon? Consider a Green Event Certification. If you have free time this semester, join a group! Learn more about initiatives on campus.



Have you considered composting and recycling during and after your event? Can you provide agendas and other event materials electronically instead of printing? Are you providing your guests with vegetarian and vegan food options? What about using the Pitt Food Share to get rid of excess food post event?

Make your next event Green Certified. Click below to fill out an application.

Learn more about Pitt Green Events

How to Plan a Green Event



Find a sustainability event to attend!